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Choose from 6 Meal Plans - Traditional

Designed to help you achieve and maintain a healthy body fat level, this plan is high in fiber, complex carbs, lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Choose from 6 Meal Plans - Paleo / Low-Cal

Kick start your weight loss and decrease your body fat with this low-cal, low-fat, low-carb plan that consists of lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Choose from 6 Meal Plans - Glutten Free

Make gluten free dining a breeze with innovative and artfully prepared meals crafted by our executive chefs.

Choose from 6 Meal Plans - Organic Protein

Made fresh daily with USDA certified organic lean protein sources, this plan ensures that you'll be eating well in every way.

Choose from 6 Meal Plans - Vegetarian

Perfect for those wanting to experience the benefits of a plant based diet, this plan includes an extensive variety of creative and exotic vegetarian dishes.

Choose from 6 Meal Plans - Vegan

Going vegan has never been easier or more convenient. Our skilled chefs have created an innovative plant based menu to ease you into a healthy and wholesome vegan lifestyle.
Paleo / Low-Cal
Gluten Free
Organic Protein
Meal Delivery
DeliverLean is South Florida’s #1 rated gourmet meal delivery service. Delivering three times per week from Jupiter to Kendall, we offer six lifestyle meal plans featuring 28 different menu items every two days that are made fresh daily by world class executives chefs. Whether you’re looking for health maintenance and convenience or have weight loss goals in mind, all our meal plans are customizable to fit your dietary needs. Enjoy the flexibility to mix and match meal plans with options to include cold-pressed juice, healthy desserts and delicious raw vegan snacks. We’ve got your diet, delivered!

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